About Bashaer Makkah Bakery

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Our Start

Bashaer Makkah Bakery started with an idea to share happiness and smiles through mouthwatering delights that can give people a reason to congregate with family and friends our simply take out time for oneself and savor the moment. Here at Bashaer Makkah Bakery we try to come up with the most imaginative and creative ways to share with you the sweetest taste of happiness.


Our Growth

The success of Bashaer Makkah Bakery is the direct result of 4 concrete principles that are part of basic operation of Bashaer Makkah Bakery: “Outstanding Quality”,”Unique Taste”,”Something New” and the “Experience”.We see growth as a way to deliver on these four arching principles that governs the nature of our products.


Our Team

Bashaer Makkah Bakery has the most talented and skillful teams working in our discipline, may it be research and development, food styling, food designing & decoration or business operations.We hire individuals who have a passion to exhibit the best of their art and flavor it up with the most innovative production technique employed by Us.When you have such a great pool of talents, competitiveness and thinking out of the box become part of our culture.


“Imagine and Create” is the paramount ideal that every member of Bashaer Makkah family lives by and plays a vital role to achieving our goals.